We take a specialist-approach on designing NFTs as the art to transform any idea into project, any project into a profitable collection. Through our tenured experience in the technology and marketing landscape, we pave the way to success for our partners to leverage the best and boldest artists in developing their collection of NFTs.

Strategy, minting… All in one place

Our capabilities go beyond design. We offer full service minting functionality, you can list project with security and reliability, giving you the possibility to create your own coin or utilize one of the options we offer including Bitcoin Etherium, or Solana.

A brief history about us
Art On Gicleé was launched in the late nineties in Orange County California, a brick and mortar art gallery & reproduction company pioneering in the Web1  on our online gallery, and providing services of art digitization, and reproduction of special limited editions giclée's using the finest canvas available in the market.
When Web2 emerged, we engaged artists and communities, creating personalized e-commerce affiliate landing pages for artists and creators with digital content sharing connectivity through social media growing communities of people with similar interests.
In our mission to continue supporting our communities, we launched Art On NFT in late September of 2021 with our vision to provide our professional services including the latest Web3, NFT development, and Blockchain integration combined with our professional expertise in Community Engagement with Utility Technology in mind. 

Marketplace coming soon!

NFT Strategy and Roadmap

We believe that smart contracts and NFT are going to be in every future business negotiation. That’s why we created a Platform for all to make it helpful and very easy to create and manage their own NFTs without any programming knowledge. Do you have a collectible art, music, picture, or utility? We’ll work with you to decide what makes the most sense for your brand and target market, outlining the fundamental groundwork for a successful NFT collection.


  • Marketplace setup program
  • NFT Development – Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Web3 configuration
  • ​Content Marketing
  • ​Influencer Marketing
  • ​Email Marketing
  • ​Public Relations
  • ​Landing Page Optimization
  • ​Community Growth
Begin the web3 journey with our exclusive incubation program 
The incubation program consists of coordinating and managing all of the events, assets, communication channels, landing page, NFT creation, and the professional team behind the project to make it happen.
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